Dream Machine Sleep Therapy

The Dream Machine, using modern technology to retrain our brain’s ability to drift to sleep naturally.


Cellphones, Tablets, Kindles, Laptops, Desktops, and televisions are technologically advanced devices that emit different frequencies to which our brains respond.  They are wonderful devices that add value to our lives, but this is the reason why we always have them around, influencing our brain’s wave lengths.

For instance, each time you look at your cell phone, your brain activates a Beta wave length to engage with what it sees and feels emit from the device.  Beta waves are ‘awake’ waves, which is great during the day when you need to engage with the world with an awake mind.  But we carry these devices with us all the time, even to bed with us.  We watch movies on our tablets, text friends from the cell phones, or read a book from our tablet/kindle.  These devices are training our brains to constantly engage the Beta waves, then when its time for us to fall asleep, we expect our brains to switch over to Alpha, Theta and Delta wave lengths…but we are losing that ability.

Our brains are not shutting down at night.  They are filled with all the problems that have to be figured out, or just too ‘wound up’ to settle into sleep.

Brain Wave Entrainment

The Dream Machine treatment is the antidote to the problem of our inability to entrain to sleep waves.  It is the brain’s personal trainer to teach it to activate the Theta and Delta brain waves.  It uses powerful light imagery and out of this world sounds to teach the brain how to entrain the sleep waves, so that when you lay down at night, your brain will physically know how to stop Beta wave thinking and activate Sleep wave thinking.

Dream Machine Treatments are performed in our Deep Sleep Room, where you are seated in a luxurious massage chair controlled by an on-board computer that calculates your height and weight, and where in your body you carry stress.  The chair itself can teach you to sleep!

Sessions can be scheduled in the mornings, during the day, or late evenings.  Results from the Dream Machine vary from one person to the next, but typical response is felt after the 3 or 4th entrainment session.  Many of our test clients felt an immediate result after the first treatment, but we like to be more practical and say that your brain needs time to learn these new habits, so be patient with your progress.


“California psychologist Julian Isaacs, Ph.D., working with a private research group called The Other 90 Percent, studied the brain-wave effects of LS devices using an advanced brain-mapping EEG.  They found “very clear evidence of brainwave driving” as well as a very strong correlation between the intensity of the lights used (whether red light emitting diodes [LEDs] or incandescent bulbs) and the brain entrainment: the brighter the lights, the more entrainment” (Hutchison; MegaBrain Power).

Photic Light & Sound Brain entertainment manipulates the brainwave patterns to induce a deep sleep state, or relaxed meditative state.  Our photic sound technology can help reprogram your brain by strengthening the ability to use Delta and Theta Waves helping to induce a sleep ready state without drugs or chemical manipulation.


According to a Clinical article written in 2006 by Stanford University Professor Thomas Budzynski, Ph. D, Light and Sound (L/S) is capable of not just deep sleep programming, but can effectively assist in overcoming ADHD, Depression, Seasonal Disorders, Certain Learning Disorders and can even affect muscle tone of the body.



 This treatment is NOT AVAILABLE for anyone who is diagnosed with epilepsy, history of any seizure or brain episodes, on stimulants, blood thinners or high blood pressure medicines.  Artists in Motion is not qualified to tell you if you are at risk given your current health, so please consult your doctor before submitting yourself for treatment.  Our machines are not home units, but are expensive clinical professional builds that produces intense light and sound effects that may be overwhelming at first to new clients.  

 To read more of What Dr. Budzynski has proven about Light/Sound Therapy visit his article made public:  http://www.stanford.edu/group/brainwaves/2006/theclinicalguidetosoundandlight.pdf


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