Information about Compression


Presso-Therapy is used to reduce and eliminate cellulite.  It is also fantastic for reducing swelling in the legs and feet.  It increases the body’s ability to eliminate toxins and waste, making weight loss an easier task on the body.  For those who are looking for skin tightening, this treatment will give them slight results immediately, and even more profound results with 8 to 10 sessions.

Our unique body glove fits over your legs, feet, stomach and arms emitting a concentrated infrared energy directly into the muscles and fat tissues while the machine controls what feels like 8 skilled massaging hands all over your body at once.  Originally, we meant for this machine to help our clients with weight loss, but we found it’s so relaxing even our own therapists are fighting to get in line for this session.  Pneumatic massage increases your body’s ability to lose weight by freeing up the fatty tissues that are lodged deep.  In addition to its ability to break up the cellulite and fatty tissue, it reduces water retention, increases your body’s natural circulation, supports lymphatic drainage and blasts the fat away with infrared energy!

If you look for reviews of Presso-therapy across the United States, you will see that most everyone loves it and sees immediate results…but they can’t continue treatments because its too expensive.  Artists in Motion Massage wants to change that for people!  We offer very affordable treatment packages and want as many people who need this treatment to be able to afford it regularly.

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